Microsoft Sends Out Windows Phone 7 Mockups Made of...Lego Bricks

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We all know how amazing Microsoft is at generating hype for its products--Windows 7 launch party, anyone?--so it's no surprise that they're pulling out all the creative marketing stops with the Windows Phone 7 launch just around the corner.

Engadget posted some pictures of the invitations Microsoft is sending out to executives for its November 10 Windows Phone 7 Executive Event. The invitations include a teaser image with the text "The real one is coming," a USB drive with the invitation on it, and a mock-up of a Windows Phone 7 phone.

A mock-up made of…Lego bricks. Yes, you read that right--Lego bricks, those colorful bricks that you used to play with as a child (and that some of us still enjoy).

The mock-up is made of black, blue, and gray bricks, and is not terribly impressive. But what did you expect? It's made of elementary-school building bricks. Maybe Microsoft's marketing folks were inspired by the Lego iPad?

I'm not really sure what they're trying to say with such an invitation. I imagine it's either "Windows Phone 7--so easy, even a kindergartener can use it!" or "Don't step on this phone, because it will hurt like crazy."

Windows Phone 7 launches in the United States on October 11 in New York.

Be sure to see the photos over at Engadget.

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