AOL, TechCrunch, and My 'Contempt' for Blogs

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It appears sometimes the people I write about actually read this blog. Who knew?

A couple of days ago, TechCrunch's MG Siegler, on his personal blog, ParisLemon, took me to the virtual woodshed for some unkind things I wrote about AOL's acquisition of TechCrunch last week.

[ See "AOL Buys TechCrunch: Will the Scandals Continue" | Also on InfoWorld: See where it all started in "AOL swallows TechCrunch -- but can they keep it down?" | For a humorous take on the tech industry's shenanigans, subscribe to Robert X. Cringely's Notes from the Underground newsletter. ]

Strangely for someone so immersed into the world-o-blogs, there's no way to comment on MG's own post, so I'm reduced to doing it here. (For people who are uninterested in the squabbles between two HTML-stained wretches, my apologies. I'll return to bashing Apple/Microsoft/Google/Facebook in a future post, I promise.)

Mr. MG accuses me of "asshattery." Me, I call it a fedora. But if you want to call it an asshat, that's fine.

First, though, I have to ask: MG? No first name? Are you trying to one-up the film director McG, or is your first name really Mortimer and you're just too embarrassed to admit it? If you suddenly decide to become a rapper, will you change it to Emmgee?

OK, I'm done now.

First MG takes exception to my characterization of TechCrunch as a "post first and ask questions later" blog and for its fondness for publishing any rumors that cross its transom. Apparently, I am wrong in this. As MG points out, TechCrunch only publishes some of the unfounded rumors that cross its transom. Notes From the Field regrets the error.

I also used the "Google about to acquire Digg" story as an example where TechCrunch got it wrong. Siegler writes:

Secondly, the fact that the article cites Google buying Digg as one of the rumors we "intercoursed the pooch" on is interesting. The reality is that the deal was inches away from happening. Anyone with any semblance of a connection in Silicon Valley knows this to be the case. It's hardly a secret. Google walked away at the last second. These things happen. So who is screwing what pooch here?

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