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I love to eat. People always ask me, “Bro, what's your favorite food?” and I answer, “All of them (minus salad), and I’m not your bro.” But there are some things even I would hesitate before taking an enormous bite of. So I bring you some of the coolest--if not somewhat strangest--food on the Web! Remember--everything is a delicacy somewhere….right?

Geeky Cakes

We’ll start off light and go with something everyone loves: cake. These days, cakes come in all shapes and sizes, but nothing beats out a cake based on something from geek culture. Check out the amazingly detailed Minas Tirth and the tasty looking R2-D2.

[photo: Williams-Sonoma]

Star Wars Pancakes

Moving right along with the cake theme, everyone’s favorite breakfast-type cakes are getting a galactic makeover thanks to these Star Wars pancake molds. Nothing says geek like taking a bite out of the empire (score one for the Rebel Alliance).

Gamer Wedding Cakes

So you found someone who doesn’t mind your love of Chewbacca-shaped hotcakes and you’re ready to tie the knot. Why not casually suggest getting one of these video game based wedding cakes? Just don’t let any of the guests try to actually play any of them.

Pokemon Bento

OK, your wedding was a hit, and now you have your house with a white picket fence and a few kids in the suburbs. Now the big question is: What will you feed them? You can’t feed them on exclusively on fast food. Sooner or later they’ll wise up to the fact that their Happy Meal is always missing the toy. Why not give them something adorable to munch on? Like, say, Pikachu or any of his other Pokemon friends?

Still not enough for you? Check out our earlier slideshow of geeky eats and nerdy treats.

That’s it for this week’s Viral Views! We hope we haven’t made you too hungry. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go home and vacuum our cat. See you in 7 days!

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