Performance With Style BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Showcase

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How do you define the future? According to BMW, the definition is joy. At JoyDefinesTheFuture.com, the automaker known for performance with style presents an enthralling new concept car called the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. The site incorporates new Web technologies that also deliver performance with style–that is, if your browser can handle it.

Among several browsers I tested, only Internet Explorer 9 fully delivered BMW’s joyful experience. Internet Explorer brings the future of browsing to the present, using hardware-accelerated graphics and powerful frame processing to paint a total picture, from every angle, of the Vision EfficientDynamics, a fuel-efficient (62 MPG) 2+2 hybrid sports car.

And I mean literally from every angle. The site is a virtual showroom that lets you spin this stunning concept car 360 degrees using your mouse. Hotspots on the vehicle (as well as selections from a standard menu or “dashboard”) let you open and close doors or activate an airflow diagram. Another neat touch is the Inspector tool, a virtual magnifying glass that lets you view details close-up by click-dragging the mouse.

Meanwhile, click “Experience tomorrow today” on the dashboard, and you’re seamlessly transported (with car aspin and doors open if you like) to a nighttime urban landscape. The sunny soundtrack you heard in the showroom becomes an after-dark beat. And the Vision, with its transparent doors and roof, looks even more beautiful.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta makes this experience not only possible but also seamless, deftly rolling with every punch delivered by the suite of Web standards and techniques usually grouped under the heading HTML5. And it does so at blazing speed by using all the hardware available inside your PC. Thus Microsoft’s latest browser shows off not only where BMW is headed but also what a newly energized, more beautiful Web has in store.

This story, "Performance With Style BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Showcase" was originally published by BrandPost.