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It bodes well for a game when I have trouble reviewing it because I can't stop playing it. Radio Ball 3D (free demo, $2.22 full version), is an accelerometer-controlled 3D tunnel game. It's fast-paced and very engrossing once you get the hang of it.

In the game you are a radioactive metal ball speeding through a tunnel filled with obstacles and power-ups. You can jump and turn the full circumference of the tunnel. Running into barrels of radioactive waste give you a power-up. Collect three and you're at full-power which makes you go faster and jump higher. You can also use these as weapons, by hitting the orange button (on-screen), but you will not be at full power any more. Still, sometimes you don't have time to avoid a large object ahead of you, and you need to blow it up to avoid taking damage (plus you get bonus points for destroying stuff).

You are at full heath when you have three red dots on your health meter. Every time you run into a solid object (a block, or a shipping container, or the lip of a pipe rather than passing through the middle of it), you lose one health point. You can regain those points, though, by grabbing health bonuses.

You get extra points for doing things such as traversing pipes, jumping though moving fans, and running over humans in fallout suits. A high-quality, heavy-metal soundtrack adds to the action-packed experience, but you'll probably want to switch the sound off if you're out in public (you can disable music, sound effects, and voices from the settings menu).

You can also challenge other players online, though you won't be racing on the same track or at the same time, you're just trying to get more points than someone else. You can even wager some credits on the race, if you're the betting type.

The accelerometer controls generally felt very responsive. You can't jump as frequently as you would like, though. You must wait a couple of seconds in between jumps, and that limitation can cost you.

The one thing missing from this game is variety. It's essentially just one big, long level. The challenges within it vary, but I enjoy games that more change of pace. I would rather see many shorter levels that you slowly advance through, or additional game modes.

Overall, Radio Ball is extremely addictive and may well ratchet up your heartbeats per minute. The graphics are good, and the game was very responsive when tested on a Motorola Droid. Though I would prefer more levels with more variety, this game is a lot of fun.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Radio Ball 3D Demo

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