Beauty is in the Eye of the Browser

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What is beauty? It's not simply visual appeal, or a quality that triggers longing. We find beauty in many things: an elegant solution to a nagging problem, a well-crafted user interface, a manifestation of skill and power, something that just works well. "Wow," we say with a grin, "that's beautiful."

The Web has forever brought all these sorts of beauty, but not necessarily to all users, and not necessarily quickly or easily. Beauty has been in the eye of the browser, and that browser has often crashed. But all that is about to change. With the release of Internet Explorer 9, the Web is about to become more beautiful than ever.

Internet Explorer 9 re-imagines the role of the browser and takes some major strides forward. First, it provides exceptional support for the most advanced Web development standards, which are generally (if not entirely accurately) grouped under the name HTML5. Second, Internet Explorer 9 taps deeply into your computer’s processing power to provide a faster, smoother browsing experience. And third, Internet Explorer 9 presents a clean, site-centric approach to the interface that lets a site take center stage and define the browsing experience more fully, without the browser getting in the way.

Using the new Web standards, designers and developers are able to build rich, immersive experiences that not only appeal to the eye, and that not only work in all modern browsers, but that also encompass new functionality and solve old problems in a faster, more convenient way. And Internet Explorer 9 provides a platform with the power of full hardware acceleration so websites feel and act more like sophisticated, seamless desktop applications.

Over the next few months, we’ll be exploring all the varieties of beauty that are emerging on the Web and being expressed through the Internet Explorer 9 platform. We’ll take a close look at one site per weekday, ranging from exciting new makeovers of established pages to brand-new innovations, undreamed-of even a few years ago. It’s going to be a fun ride, full of amusing and appealing and fascinating and, yes, beautiful experiences.

This story, "Beauty is in the Eye of the Browser" was originally published by BrandPost.