Homebrew Walking Robot Powered by Chumby

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Remember the Chumby, that app-based hackable Internet... thing? We’ve already seen some interesting mods of this device, including a Linux tablet for under $200, but did we ever expect to see one of these walking?

Under the (tiny) hood of the Chumby is a 454MHz processor along with 64MB of RAM and 2 GB of storage, plus a USB port, which is more than enough brainpower to run a bipedal robot. Using Chumby’s soon-to-be-announced sensor board with the Robot Vision Toolkit, Eric Gregori of EMG Robotics built a self-contained bipedal robot that runs itself, no PC connection required. The Chumby’s display shows accelerometer data that’s used to both balance and walk the ChumbyBot across a table.

A video of the walking bot starts out with some tech specs, but starting at 1:40 in the below video, you can see the robot walking and Eric’s cat looking nonplussed as it watches the ChumbyBot balance and stroll across the table.

What features would you like to see in future revisions of this Chumby-powered robot? Think you could do better? Let us know in the comments!

[EMG Robotics via Hack A Day]

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