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It was a big week for fans of mobile devices. Microsoft finally unveiled its big push to dethrone catch up to not get left in the dust by Apple, Android, and BlackBerry this week. Facebook got more secure, Apple locked down more patents, Sony unveiled the first Google-powered boob tube, iPads popped up like mushrooms after a storm, and two tottering dot-com giants may soon become one slightly bigger dot-com giant. Do you have what it takes to ace our quiz? Give yourself 10 points every time you score the correct answer. Now begin. 

1. To the surprise of absolutely no one, Microsoft unveiled its line of Windows Phone 7 handsets this week. Which of the following is not one of them?

a. LG Quantumb. Dell Venue Proc. HTC 7 Prod. Samsung Omnia II

2. Yes, Windows Phone 7 is about as whizzy as Microsoft can muster. Still there are a few features missing. Which of the following is one of them?

a. Buy apps from an integrated store

b. Copy and paste between apps

c. Play games on Xbox Live

d. Purchase music wirelessly from Zune Marketplace

3. The rumor mill was working overtime this week, and for once the topic wasn't Apple. Which two aging dot-com giants are allegedly feeling the urge to merge?

a. Amazon & eBay

b. Aol. & Yahoo!

c. Monster & Craigslist

d. Google & Priceline

4. It appears Apple's marriage to AT&T is an open one. Which other wireless major carrier will soon be selling the miraculous, life-changing Apple iPad?

a. Verizon

b. T-Mobile

c. Sprint

d. BT

5. Remember when Google was just a search engine? Which of the following non-search-related projects is the G force not investing in?

a. An inflation index

b. A self-driving car

c. Wind power

d. A cure for cancer

6. Facebook has introduced new features to make the social network a touch more secure. Which of the following is not among them?

a. Allows you to log off remotely

b. Lets you request one-time-use passwords

c. Nags you to update your security settings

d. Lets you opt completely out of sharing info with nonfriends

7. Apple has received yet another patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. What does this one pertain to?

a. The correct way to hold an iPhone

b. Blocking dirty text messages

c. Using your fingers to tap on virtual keyboards

d. How to manipulate mass media

8. "They really are the underdog here. Because of that they're incentivized go all out and innovate. ... I just couldn't think of anybody better to be working with to build the next generation of search." Who's speaking about working with which underdog?

a. Mark Zuckerberg re: Microsoft Bing

b. Eric Schmidt re:

c. Evan Williams re: Summize

d. Carol Bartz re: Aol.

9. Sony has unveiled the first HDTV powered (in part) by Google. What's it called?

a. Sony Internet TV

b. The Goog Tube

c. Sony gTV

d. Web-o-Vision 9000

10. Take the amount the Lower Merion School District in Southeastern Pennsylvania is paying to settle a suit over its use of Webcams to spy on students at home, and multiply that by the stock price milestone just reached by Apple. Add the number of U.S. home PCs that got sucked into a botnet in Q2, per Microsoft, rounded up to the nearest 100K. Put that in your malware quarantine and hope it doesn't escape. What do you get?

a. 1,852,000

b. 18,520,000

c. 185,200,000

d. 1,852,000,000

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