Bugs & Fixes: Microsoft Patch Tuesday, Adobe Flash

adobe flash logo

Flash Fire extinguished

Like public works breaking a gas main while fixing a sewer, Adobe issued a new version of Flash to an immediate and unmitigated fail. This one was personal, with Flash failing repeatedly in all my browsers upon installation. Sadly, Adobe didn't mention a darn thing about that in APSB13-28 when upgrading to 11.9.900.170, so maybe that was a cache thing. What Adobe did mention were security vulnerabilities, including "type confusion," covered in CVE's CVE-2013-5331. CVE-2013-5332 was also fixed. Get this one.

Microsoft Patches Everything

One of the smartest policies Microsoft—and indeed, the world (since the invention of the weekend) ever adopted, is to release bug fixes on Tuesday. It's a well-known fact (that I just made up) that releasing or turning in anything on Monday is a sure route to unemployment. A whole host of little buggers were squashed on Patch Tuesday last week, including vulnerability to remote code execution, elevation of privilege, and leaking information. The fixes apply to Office, Internet Explorer, the Lightweight Remote Procedure Call client, and even kernel mode drivers. Disaster averted.

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