Iron Man Goes Steampunk, We Get Bieber Fever in This Week's Viral Views

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Welcome back to Viral Views! We give you everything viral that you should be viewing. This week, you, oh faithful reader, shall be receiving a larger than normal helping of awesome in honor of this being our fifth week in business (oh how the time flies when you're looking at memes!). So no more stalling for time--let’s get Viral!


For some reason, a steampunk version of Iron Man just makes the hero that much more epic. That plus the fact that someone made that costume by hand and is probably out fighting crime with it right now makes it an epic win in my book. Also be sure to check out these pics of classic Star Wars characters with some added steampunk goodness.


I’ve always been curious about those who buy records, yet they lack a record player. What did they do with their large collections of vinyl? Sleeveface answered my question: They were using them to pose in creative (and sometimes creepy) photos. Just don’t try this at home (you might not hurt anyone physically, but chances are you will emotionally scar everyone around you).

Old Man Out-Dances Young Dudes

Who said old people weren’t hip to current trends? Look at this guy; he loves Lady Gaga so much that it’s making him forget all about his plastic hip. Somewhere out there Lady Gaga is trying to find this man and put him in her next video (most likely dressed as a giant bat or something).

What Not To Do with E-mail

We here at Viral Views like to think that we make a difference in people’s lives. Because of that, we are helping spread the word of The Oatmeal and their list of things to never ever do with email. Send this to everyone who commits one of the atrocities on the list and watch as those chain letters become a thing of the past.

Snake Easter Egg

YouTube brings so much joy into our lives. The guys down in San Bruno must have thought otherwise so they decided to hide the classic game of Snake in every video. Wait a minute; I see what you’re trying to pull. Nice try YouTube, but not even Snake can stop me from getting my Bieber Fever on!

How to fold your cat

Alright I’m going to be honest with the internet here: I hate cats. I know, I know, boo me all you want cat lovers of the world. Me, being the kind hearted soul that I am, searched for a solution plaguing 97% of all cat owners: How do you properly store your cats? Well lucky for you, this highly informational graphic willsolve that problem once and for all. You’re Welcome.

Pumpkin Carvings

Halloween is right around the corner. It’s time to join in the practice of gutting a gourd and carving something into it. Are you uncreative like us? Don’t worry good sir/madam/sentient robot the internet has plenty of amazing designs you can copy and claim as your own. No more goofy faced pumpkins this Halloween, not when everyone can carve Stephen Colbert in all his orangey glory.

And that’s it for our fifth iteration of Viral Views. Spot a video, photo, or other meme you think we should include in next week's Viral Views? Shoot us a note to

Now if you’ll excuse me, my dog got out again and is probably terrorizing the preschool again. See you in seven!

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