How to Remove 'Crapware' and Other Unwanted Software From Your PC

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Nothing is more frustrating than booting up a new computer and finding that it's already littered with junk software. This junk is commonly referred to as "crapware," although it also goes by other names such as "craplets" and "shovelware." New computers make great targets for advertisers because the companies can pay to have trial versions of their software installed before the computer is sold. Removing crapware is like uninstalling any other program, but a few tricks can make it a much smoother process.

Step by Step: Removing Crapware Through Windows

Step 1 Click Start, and navigate to the Control Panel.

Step 2 Double-click the Programs and Features button if you're using the Classic View, or click the Uninstall a program text under the Programs heading if you're using the new Control Panel.

Step 3 Select the program to remove. With the program selected, click the Uninstall/Change text in the menu near the top of the screen.

Uninstall/Change in Windows

Step 4 Follow the uninstall instructions that appear on the screen. Be sure to remove all of the components if prompted.

Step 5 If you're unsure about a program's function, a quick Google search will usually turn up enough information to gauge whether the application is worth keeping.

Step by Step: Using PC Decrapifier to Remove Junk recommends using PC Decrapifier to help clean up your bloated system because it is quick, easy, and effective. Although crapware isn't likely to harm your computer, it can cause slowdowns by hogging memory, and it can force annoying pop-ups asking you to update or to buy a premium membership.

Step 1 Download PC Decrapifier. It's a small program (probably smaller than most of the crapware files on your computer), and it's packaged into one application file, making it easy to delete after you're finished flushing your system.

Step 2 Double-click the PC Decrapifier application file to run it.

Step 3 Read and click through the first few screens that explain how the program works. Once you reach the screen titled 'Select Items', you can begin to sort through the software that PC Decrapifier has identified as possible junk.

Step 4 If you're unsure about which programs to delete, PC Decrapifier can help you create a Restore Point, which may allow you to roll your system back and fix any problems that occur.

Step 5 Pay careful attention to which programs you remove. PC Decrapifier has trouble differentiating between trial versions of software and paid-for versions. If you've upgraded or manually installed any of the programs listed, be sure to deselect those programs so that PC Decrapifier does not remove them.

Removing programs in PC Decrapifier

Step 6 Enjoy your crap-free PC.

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