There is No Spoon: Canadian Company Brings Us One Step closer to Telekinesis

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A Toronto-based company called Interaxon has been developing a system that allows you to manipulate surroundings with your mind. Right now the technology is fairly simple. By tracking your brainwaves with an Electroencephalograph (EEG), Interaxon’s software can turn mood lighting up or down, or adjust the amount of sun your shades are letting in.

In a Reuter’s interview, Interaxon’s chief operating officer says the company is working with other businesses to develop customized household appliances that adjust themselves to the owners mood- so if you’re having a bad day, there’s a cold beer waiting for you in the fridge. One might argue that there should always be a cold beer waiting for you in the fridge, but it’s the concept that counts.

The company says they hope to market headsets the size of a Bluetooth in the next two years that would make mood sensitive surroundings widely available. While wearing a device that tracks your brainwaves to do simple tasks may seem like overkill, it’s still a first step toward a cool concept, not to mention it could be potentially revolutionary for the disabled.

[via Reuters]

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