The Score lets you curate the perfect mobile sports feed

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The Score is the most important app for fantasy sports owners that doesn’t actually let you manage any of your fantasy teams. Yes, you should grab the official app for your particular fantasy league to be able to make roster changes on the go. But knowledge is power, and The Score’s flexible, real-time information will help you find out what changes to make.

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The new Feed feature in The Score combines news, stats, and scores for all the leagues, teams, and players you follow.

On Monday, The Score released a big update, version 4.1, for iOS users, adding a new section called Feed. This is a one-stop shop for all the teams, leagues, and players you are following, providing news, scores, stats, injury updates, and more.

When you tap My Score, the top option on the slide-out menu, you’ll see tabs for Teams, Players, and League News. Press the plus sign when viewing the Teams or Players tabs to add teams and people to watch.

The ability to track individual players is insanely useful for fantasy team owners who care about how, say, Giannis Antetokounmpo is performing even though they couldn’t care less about the fortunes of the mighty Milwaukee Bucks. You can even specify what kinds of notifications you’ll get for each update. For Giannis, for example, I can get breaking news (every time he appears in a news story), plus a notification if he scores a double-double.

So it’s a no-brainer to follow the players on your fantasy teams, allowing you to know right away if they start to slump or suffer an injury. Plus, you can follow the players languishing on your league’s waiver wire, so if an injured star is about to come back, or an overlooked rookie goes on a tear, you’ll know right away and you can snatch him up for your team.

thescore compare

Being able to compare two players’ stats is huge for fantasy owners. 

Another killer feature in The Score for fantasy owners is the ability to compare players. From any player’s profile, you can tap the Compare button and select another player to display side-by-side stats. It’s a great way to preview matchups and make adjustments to your roster.

In my time with The Score, the app’s push notifications were the most useful—sports news is constant, and with the bite-sized content in most sports apps (including this one), it’s not likely I’ll be opening the app several times throughout the day to catch up on what I’ve missed. But a notification here and there about my beloved Aaron Rodgers or an offseason move by the San Francisco Giants is enough to make me reach for my phone and take a little sports break.

Still, with such flexible customization comes much tinkering. The Score lets you set game alerts for each and every game, which is great since you’ll want much more info about a game you can’t watch than a game where you’ll be planted on your couch cheering from start to finish. But it can take a lot of adjusting and tweaking notification settings until you hit the sweet spot.

The Score is available for Android and iOS. The update was pushed to iOS users Monday, and The Score told us an Android version will get an update in early 2014.

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