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LastPass is a Web-based, cross-platform (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, WebOS, and Windows Mobile) secure password management service that lets you securely login to multiple accounts with multiple passwords, using a single master password. LastPass desktop versions can save Web page forms, and all versions can fill forms and store encrypted notes. The basic LastPass service is free, but a paid Premium version costs $12 per year. The latter provides access to mobile app versions such as the Android app. Though the Android version (14-day free trial) of LastPass does provide some useful features, the app is far from ideal and provides little incentive to upgrade to Premium.

To use LastPass, you must first register an account with an e-mail address and a password; you can do this within the app. Since your LastPass password will unlock all of your other stored account passwords, you should take care to choose a secure password that you can remember. Once you've done so, you'll log in to the LastPass app, which will display a list of your saved Website log-ins. You can organize these items into collapsible Groups to reduce clutter. A search box at the top of the screen makes finding the desired log-in credentials easier.

By default, clicking a log-in opens the Web page in the LastPass app, not the default Web browser. LastPass automatically fills in the user name and password--sometimes. Many Web pages, such as those for most banks, block this action. LastPass provides a couple of partial workarounds such as options for manually copying and pasting, but Wells Fargo and some other banking sites block even that alternative. Also, copying passwords to your device's clipboard is not an especially secure method.

Long-pressing a log-in gives you the option of editing it; the password field is starred out, however, so you can't read the password. having the option to view it would have been nice, especially when a Website doesn't allow LastPass to log in.

The in-app browser doesn't support Flash, nor does it support video playback on YouTube. As a partial workaround, you can go to Menu, More, and choose Install Bookmarklets. This option will add the LastPass bookmarklets to your Web browser bookmarks. Then go to Menu, More, Preferences, and change Default Site Action to Launch, and then Launch to Default Browser. The next time you select a log-in in LastPass, it will launch the site in your native Web browser, and you can click the bookmarklet to fill in the log-in form...sometimes. It doesn't work for every Website, and when it does work, the process is quite awkward because it involves so many steps.

While LastPass for Android is somewhat useful for people who already subscribe to the Premium Web service, it is sufficiently inconsistent and awkward to use that I can't recommend it on its own or as a reason to upgrade to Premium. And the option to copy passwords into the device clipboard introduces its own security risk, as other apps--including potential malware--can access the clipboard, too.

Users of Dolphin Browser HD may also be interested in LastPass for Dolphin HD.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder LastPass Password Mgr Premium*

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