Extend Your Evo 4G's Battery Life With These Tweaks

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When you think of HTC’s EVO 4G phone, two things immediately pop-up in your mind: 1) wow this thing is amazing, and 2) wow this battery life is absolutely terrible. But there is some good news: The phone is still amazing, and now there are some ways that can help combat the battery issue.

First things first; let’s get the easy tweaks (that you probably already know) out of the way:

  1. Turn off 3G/4G when you’re not using either of them;
  2. Turn off the GPS if you’re not using it;
  3. Lower the brightness to something reasonably bearable/useable to you;
  4. If you are using wallpapers/backgrounds, use black-colored ones (blackle, anyone?);

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Well, that was dumb. I already know that.” But here’s the fun part! Visit the XDA Developers community find out how to calibrate the battery, clear the battery stats, experiment with Kernels, and use the Collin_ph Battery Tweak.

Most of the XDA tips are simple and straightforward (minus that last one, for most users), so I’m not going to repost what they’ve already done. Trust me, as a fellow EVO 4G user, you can’t imagine how much better this made my day. Happy tweaking!


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