HackVision DIY Game Development Kit Released

HackVision, the Arduino-based game development kit from Nootropic Design, has been officially released! Many of our readers may already be familiar with the Arduino; It provides a fantastic integrated platform for DIY hardware hacking. There are many add-ons available for the Arduino to extend its functionality, but using it for game development has been difficult due to the lack of standard controller support and TV-out capability.

Nootropic Design has modified the Arduino platform to offer not only TV-out, but also a built-in game controller, as well as support for external controllers (including Bluetooth-based Wiimotes). As an all-in-one device the HackVision enables game developers and Arduino hackers to write software using the familiar Arduino IDE and Java-based Wiring programing language. Testing your games is as easy as connecting the HackVision to a video device!

In keeping with the open and DIY tradition of the Arduino platform on which it's based, the HackVision can be purchased either as a kit or a complete and tested device. If you choose to go the route of assembling your HackVision own from a parts kit -which can be a lot of fun- the HackVision site offers a detailed walk-through.

[via Arduino Blog and Nootropic Design]

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