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If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that sex sells.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the Web's simplest sex-based domain name -- -- has just sold for a reported $13 million. Or, to put it in a rhyme, 13 million bucks for a synonym of ... well, you know. The $13 Million Domain

A company from the Caribbean called Clover Holdings is behind the $13 million bid, according to the BBC. It's not yet clear what Clover plans to do with the site (though I think we can all take a guess).

To be sure, 13 million's no small chunk of change, even in the high-stakes domain game. In fact, if the sale goes through -- it still has to be approved by a court -- the name stands to be one of the most expensive in the history of the World Wide InterWebs.

Get this, too: The last sale of is also among the grandest domain transactions of all time. Back in 2006, original owner (and founder) Gary Kremen sold the domain for $12 million. The company that bought it ended up declaring bankruptcy, leading us to where we are today. and Other Expensive Domain Names

So if is worth $13 million, what other domain names can fetch that kind of cash? According to some records, the current top dollar-grabber is A company called QuinStreet reportedly bought the domain for a cool $18 mil back in '09. QuinStreet is also said to have forked over $16 million for that same year. Both of those sales, however, appear to have included assets beyond just the names themselves.

The 10 highest priced standalone sales, according to industry magazine Domain Name Journal (as reported by ABC News):

  • • $9.99 million
  • • $9.5 million
  • • $7.5 million
  • • $5.5 million
  • • $5.1 million
  • • $3 million
  • • $3 million
  • • $2.75 million
  • • $2.1 million
  • • $1.8 million

Man -- if we could only find a way to combine a bunch of these into one mega-spectacular super-domain, we'd have a billion dollar idea on our hands.

Wait! I've got it:

Big money, here I come.

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