Happy Birthday Windows 7: Anniversary Stats

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Happy Birthday Windows 7: Anniversary Stats
Microsoft is everyone's favorite whipping boy, but it did get something right when it introduced Windows 7, which celebrates its one year anniversary Friday. Over the past year the Redmond gang has sold 240 million licenses of Windows 7. That makes the operating system - that replaced dismal Vista - the fastest selling OS in history, according to its makers. Here are some other fun numbers from Microsoft about Windows 7.

* Six months after its launch, 100 percent of PC makers were selling computers with Win7 on them, compared to 70 percent for Vista over a comparable period.

* In the last 90 days, Win7 licenses have sold at a clip of 8.35 per second.

* 73.8 percent of Win7 operators use custom or downloaded themes.

* 1.5 million applications are running on Win7.

* 500,000 devices have been connected to machines running Win7.

What's more, in one month:

* The Win7 Start Menu will be opened more than 14.1 billion times.

* Aero Snap will be used almost 151 million times.

* Aero Shake will be shaken almost 20.6 million times.

* Jumplists will be used more than 339.1 million times.

* Some 12,643 unique applications will be pinned to the Task Bar or Start Menu.

I hate to ask, but where did Microsoft get these statistics? I don't remember them asking me how many times I used the Aero Snap feature.

Sorry Windows 7, XP is Still Our Favorite

While Windows 7 gets its justly deserved accolades on its first anniversary, it would be remiss to omit mention that as successful as the operating system has been since its launch a year ago, the OS king--at least for a while longer--is still Windows XP. It has 60 percent of the global usage market, compared to just over 17 percent for Windows 7.

That's not to say that the handwriting isn't on the wall for XP. At its current pace of adoption, Windows 7 should have XP in its rear view mirror by the third quarter of 2012.

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