Doctors Perform First Fully Robotic Surgery

[Photo: McGill University]

Doctor’s at Canada’s McGill University Health Centre took a new step in robotic medical procedures with the first all-robotic surgery. While robotic surgeons have been used in an expanding number of procedures over the past few years this is the first where no part of the surgery was performed directly by humans.

The brave patient went under the mechanically assisted knife for a prostatectomy. While the robots were of course controlled by medical doctors the surgery itself was performed by the da Vinci robo-surgeon assisted by a robotic anesthesiologist, the somewhat less grandly named McSleepy.

Robotic anesthetics are relatively new in the field of robotic medicine but Dr. A Aprikian, MUHC urologist in chief said the anesthetic robot was a natural match for the procedure. "Automated anesthesia delivery via McSleepy guarantees the same high quality of care every time it is used, independent from the subjective level of expertise. It can be configured exactly to the specific needs of different surgeries, such as robotic surgery."

The team hopes that this procedure will lead to more robotic procedures in the future as they feel that robots can provide health care of even higher safety and precision than doctors alone.

[via Engadget]

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