Full body gaming suit immerses PC gamers at CES

yet body suit

LAS VEGAS—Becoming part of your video games has become easier with a full body motion tracking suit from YEI Technology. As you’ll see in this video report, the suit allows for low latency upper body or full body tracking using an array of inertial sensors.

yei gaming suit

YEI Technology is just showing off the upper body of its prototype gaming suit at CES.

At CES this week, the company showed off just the upper body suit, which has 8 sensors. The full body version has more sensors and better accuracy.

The company is trying to raise money for mass production using KickStarter. Initial investors will get the systems around the end of June, while mass market versions will be available a few months later.

Exact details on pricing weren’t available, but the full body version will be less than $400, and the upper body only will be around $280.

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