Grovo Launches Free Training to Harness Web 2.0

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Jumping onto the Web can be a daunting mix of new technologies and tools that don't make sense, and acronyms and lingo that sound like gibberish. Grovo is a new online service that provides a range of tutorials to help people wade in and understand these tools to use the Internet more effectively.

You know that Web 2.0 is all the rage and that all the cool kids are doing it, but making sense of it all and understanding how to embrace and leverage these crazy sites is a whole different story. If you spend some time online, you will eventually hear of services like Yelp, and DropBox, but grasping the value of the various Internet tools, and figuring out how to use them is sometimes easier said than done.

Obviously, for a small business owner, it would be serendipitous to have a proverbially geeky teen neice or nephew to provide some free education and guidance. You know--the kid who knows more about the planet Reach in the game Halo than they do about the planet Earth they live on, or who has more friends and social connections in Second Life than in real life. But, not every family has a Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates in the gene pool. Enter Grovo.

A press release from Grovo explains, "Using the Internet is no longer an option for businesses; it's a necessity. Companies that don't know how to find and implement right SEO strategy are losing money every day. Grovo teaches businesses the best online practices and tools. People on Twitter are literally asking for what products to buy. Grovo helps business owners respond. With Grovo, businesses now have a place to go to learn which products will help them and what to do next."

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Grovo has over 300 tutorial clips covering a range of Internet services such as Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Craigslist, and more. There are pre-packaged courses such as Small Business Jumpstart, or Social Media, or Online Finance. You can also create your own customized course plan by viewing the individual courses that make up the packages like Twitter Basics, or Yelp Business.

Each course is comprised of a group of lessons--the number varies but most courses seem to average around ten lessons. Each lesson is a video clip of one to two minutes explaining some aspect of the course material. The video clips are clear and concise--explaining the material in an engaging and appealing way that is long enough to make the point, yet short enough not to lose your attention.

For small and medium businesses, Grovo also offers a business package to help train employees. Managers can assign courses to individual users, and monitor and track progress to manage the training process.

Grovo is free...sort of. The first five lessons are provided gratis just for signing up. More free lessons are offered as incentive as part of a viral invitation program. For every contact you invite to join Grovo, you get five more free lessons. For every one of those contacts that actually signs up for Grovo, you get an additional ten free lessons. Simply invite 50 of your closest friends and get five or ten of them to join Grovo and you will have earned enough free lessons to take every course Grovo currently offers.

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