Consumers Criticize Internet Service Provision in EU

Internet service provision has been rated as one of the top three markets failing consumers in the E.U.

As a result of the 2010 Consumer Markets Scoreboard published on Friday, the European Commission is to launch an in-depth investigation in to why ISPs are not meeting consumers' needs.

The Scoreboard ranks markets taking into account comparability, consumer trust, consumer satisfaction, problems, complaints, ease of switching providers and prices. Internet service provision ranked worst out of all the markets examined for consumer complaints and problems. There were also major price differences across E.U. member states.

The Scoreboard aims to identify markets that appear at risk of malfunctioning.

"The great promise of the single market is what it can deliver for consumers in terms of lower prices, greater choice, transparency and satisfaction. Thanks to the Scoreboard we can pinpoint the markets where this does not seem to be happening," said Consumer Policy Commissioner John Dalli.

Losses incurred by European consumers, as a result of problems for which they had cause for complaint, are estimated at approximately 0.3 percent of E.U. GDP.

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