Embrace the Future and Explode Some Videos

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Dailymotion, the Paris-based video sharing site, has seen the future and embraced it. And you can too—if you’re reading this with Internet Explorer 9. If not, stop everything you’re doing right now and just get it.

Okay, now that you’re back and properly equipped, pay a visit to Dailymotion’s Internet Explorer 9 information page and drag the site’s icon from the Explorer address bar to your Windows 7 taskbar. This “pins” the site and demonstrates one of this browser’s most powerful new capabilities. From a pinned taskbar icon, you may select from a “jump list” of convenient links on the site and launch a customized Explorer window. In Dailymotion’s case, the jump list offers links to upload a video or visit your favorite channels.

After pinning the site, click on the HTML5 Demo link to begin discovering what else the future has in store. A high-quality movie trailer is embedded directly in the page using HTML5’s new video container. This trailer serves as a specimen for some fun effects and gadgets that show you what’s now possible. The button labeled Snapshot, for example, captures the current video frame and pastes it as a still on the corner. Explode breaks the video into pieces so it fragments across the page. Frame by Frame clones the video into a matrix—two by two, then three by three, then four by four, ad virtual infinitum. The more clones you add, the more you’ll notice a slight delay from copy to copy, so the frames seem to sweep across the array. This stuff just isn’t possible with video played through a plug-in.

The demo page describes some of the new Web standards it employs. And it provides a link for opting into HTML5 video across the entire site. Your preference is stored in a cookie; return to the Demo page to switch back to old-style plugged-in videos. But why would anyone want to do that?

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