How HTML5 Spells “Pleasure”

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Properly titled Web Is Beautiful, the Twittersphere designed by Paris's Soleil Noir Studio is an interactive feed reader that helps you visualize current design trends. Want to see what people are saying about the new Alexander McQueen collection? Or watch videos from Milan Fashion Week? This is the place to do it. And it looks especially striking in Internet Explorer 9.

This site-in-a-single-page lets you browse through and view content collected from various design-focused feeds, organized in a chronological cascade down the screen, all at once or filtered according to type--videos, photos, or tweets. Part of the site's charm is the carefully curated sources that it draws from. Videos are collected from selected Vimeo channels (The Stereo 3D, Kateoplis, Designflux, etc.). Photos are loaded in from the image bookmarking site FFFFOUND! And tweets are extracted from a curated selection of Twitter streams (picocool, DesignObservatory, wallpapermag, blueprintmag, etc.).

Using the powerful new Canvas element in HTML5 and the versatile new styling functions of CSS3, Soleil Noir displays the information as a series of old-fashioned record discs. Mouse over a disc (representing one post), and an icon (for video, photo, or tweet) appears in the center, while an excerpt set in a cool custom Web font (Rockwell) wheels around the perimeter. Click on a disc, and a box pops up with a larger preview linked to the full post, plus sharing links, time posted, and sourcing credits. Other discs slide in and out of place to make room for previews, then recompose the page.

And as you scroll down, more posts are pulled in on the fly using scripting techniques known as AJAX (a combination of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) AJAX is what makes it possible to refresh a Web page with content fetched from the Web as required, in real time; and it is the technology that first made true Web applications possible. With Web Is Beautiful, Soleil Noir shows how HTML5 and CSS3 take the next step, making Web applications more usable, more pleasurable, and, yes, more beautiful.

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