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One of the more fun and addictive corners of eBay's vast shopping mall is the Daily Deals section, which presents low-inventory, steeply discounted items from trusted sellers. Even more fun is the eBay Favorites Chooser, which leverages new Web graphics technologies to organize short-term deals into a simpler, easier, and more satisfying experience.

The Favorites Chooser, as you might guess from its name, isn't just a way to browse deals; it's also a way to mark certain deals as favorites. Here's how it works: When you load up the page, sale items are presented in a sort of carousel--as a stack of slides that appear to rotate in three dimensions when you click through them. Each slide contains the product's name, image, and sale price, with a link to a page with more details. This interface shows off Internet Explorer 9's new graphics capabilities. These include tools for easily creating and manipulating layers of graphic content and for adding sophisticated design touches, such as rounded corners, drop shadows, fading effects, and gradients.

Then, if you see a product you'd like to save as a favorite, you can drag its slide from the carousel down to a tray with six heart-shaped placeholders. The tray stores favorites persistently, even if you click through to a detail page or switch over to view another collection of deals. (The Favorites Chooser offers three collections: All Deals, Daily Deals, and Weekly Deals.) This is a delightful way to bookmark products, and it's more convenient than your browser's global favorites menu.

While you're exploring the Favorites Chooser, drag the eBay icon from Explorer 9's address bar down to your Windows taskbar to pin an eBay jump list there. This will give you quick access to key eBay and PayPal pages, targeted to a custom Explorer window.

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