Yep, I’m Too Old for the New MySpace

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From what I can tell, the new MySpace is absolutely nutty. Just look at the screenshots and footage of the site's ground-up reboot, as posted at All Things D. At a glance, it's a vaguely decipherable mess of pop culture, status updates, thumbnail photos and usage data. I'm terrified by the mere thought of hanging out there.

Presumably, there's a generation of users who won't be. The new MySpace is aiming strictly for a young crowd, ages 13 to 35,Bloomberg reports. It'll give users the choice of three interfaces, only one of which resembles the old style of personal user pages. The other two options are filled with recommendations for music, videos, games and people you might like, either as a patchwork of thumbnails (pictured) or a slideshow of content.

At 27, I'm technically still cool enough to hang with MySpace's target demographic, but I don't see the point. Maybe it's just me, but the idea of "discovery" - the process of hunting through the Internet for unfamiliar bands or films - isn't as alluring as MySpace thinks it is. In my (not so) old age, I get recommendations from a small group of trusted friends, or from what MOG and Pandora happen to blend into my playlists. Who has time to cultivate a MySpace profile just to get a few more suggestions?

If there is a demographic that will dig MySpace, it's probably a lot narrower than 13 to 35. And that's the heart of the problem. The appeal of active discovery is so limited that MySpace has little chance of scaling up to be the cultural force it once was. While Facebook also started out by focusing on young people, the core idea of connecting people online appeals to everyone. The site was built to grow.

MySpace, however, will be pigeonholed as a place for kids - at least until the next desperate redesign.

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