10 Spooktacular Halloween Android Apps

Here are 10 Android apps that range from frightening to frighteningly useless.

Raise your dead relatives for only 99 cents!

Android app developers have been working overtime this year to help you transform your favorite device into a high-tech scarephone. Have they succeeded? Well, we'll let you be the judge. For your benefit we've compiled the 10 spoooooookiest Android apps for you to enjoy this Halloween. So without further ado, let's get started....

Halloween Planner

Developer: Jimbl

Price: 99 cents

It's everyone's Halloween nightmare: You've created the perfect ghoulish display for your annual Halloween party, when you suddenly realize you forgot to pick up fake blood at the joke shop. Oh no! Jimbl's Halloween Planner is an Android app designed to make sure this never happens again, as it lets you plan and sort hundreds of different tasks that you'll need to complete before the big day arrives.

Ghost Camera Pro

Developer: MyNikko

Price: $2.99

We'll be honest - this app falls into the "useless but fun" category. It basically lets you take pictures of your friends and then superimpose ghosts floating around them. This sort of thing could be especially funny with pictures of friends who've enjoyed plenty of hard apple cider.

Demotic Magical Papyrus

Developer: Apps Publisher

Price: 99 cents

This app is... well, let's just rely on the actual product description for this unique mystical eBook: "Dating to the second or third century [AD], this papyrus was key to the decipherment of the Demotic Ancient Egyptian dialect. It is also of great importance for the study of magic in antiquity. Included are spells to cure diseases, obtain visions, raise the dead, etc., as well as a number of spells for erotic purposes." So let's get this straight: There's an Android app out there that can help you raise dead people and it only costs 99 cents??? What a sweet bargain!

Angry Zombie

Developer: nowisgame

Price: Free!

This app doesn't look especially good, but much like the Demotic Papyrus, this zombie-smashing game has a ... unique... description: "Zombies arrived at the city, you have to trap the zombie by putting the yellow stickers on the road. Otherwise, it will do bad things in your neighborhoods." We're not sure what that means, but it sounds like a zombie has already eaten into the product description writer's BRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!!!!

Ultimate Horror Sensation Quiz

Developer: Handyx

Price: $2.37

Do you know how to kill a vampire? How about a werewolf? And most importantly, do you know how to un-summon the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man? If so, you'll do dandily at this quiz app of classic horror tales, books and movies that purports to "test your knowledge of all things dark and evil."

Halloween Party Pack

Developer: VSSoftware

Price: $1.00

So you want to provide a soundtrack of classic Halloween-themed tunes for your killer party, but you don't want to spend 99 cents each to download them individually off iTunes. Never fear! For a mere dollar, the Party Pack will give you all the great Halloween tunes you'll need, including "Don't Fear the Reaper," "Thriller" and "I Put a Spell on You."

Basic How-to Halloween Makeup

Developer: EZtakes, Inc.

Price: $6.99

This useful little video gives you pointers on how to use makeup to transform yourself into classic monsters such as zombies, mummies and vampires, as well as less-conventional horrors such as "exorcism victims" and "alien burn victims." Unfortunately, the video doesn't teach you how to make yourself up as someone who got mauled by both vampires and werewolves after falling down in the shower. But that's what sequels are for, no?

My Rocky Horror Picture Show

Developer: edschepis

Price: Free

The perfect app for any and all fans of sweet transvestites, the My Rocky Horror Picture Show app lets you follow the movie's official fan club, watch video clips and pictures from the movie and read classic quotes. The only thing this app is missing is a step-by-step breakdown of how to do "The Timewarp."

Entity Sensor (EMF Detector)

Developer: Krugism

Price: $3.99

Warning: In all likelihood this will be a waste of four bucks. The Entity Sensor says it can help you detect ghosts and other supernatural phenomena in your vicinity by using your phone's electromagnetic field detector that supposedly "works like the EMF Detectors seen on the paranormal TV shows to find ghosts." Personally we think you'd be better off sticking with a Ouija board, the Necronomicon or some other occult artifact.

Trick or Tracker

Developer: Iconosys

Price: $9.99

And finally, this app is a nifty way to keep track of your young'uns if you happen to lose them on Halloween during trick-or-treat time. Parents can program their kids' phones to send them regular updates on where there children happen to be located at a given time, and they can also set up the app to give their kids information on where to find them if they so desire. Don't worry, kids, the app only tells your parents where you are, not what you're up to. So it'll still be possible to toilet-paper Old Man McGreggor's house without mom and dad knowing about it.

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