7 Spooktechular Haunted House Ideas

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So...a Tech O'Lantern and some spider webs on your hedges just aren't doing it for you? We have ghoulish gadgets, angry birds, spooky iPhone apps, and video game-inspired costumes for getting in the Halloween spirit. Now, it's time to decorate your house...with techie terror. No blue screens of death here, just some great geek tech. Moo hoo ha ha haaaa!

Read on...if you dare...

Magic Mirror

Out of all the tech Halloween decorations out there, the Magic Mirror is by far the most intriguing and effective. With FREE (yes, free) software available for download at Imagineering, you can build an interactive display that will undoubtably impress every single living soul. What you would do is get an LCD monitor and build a housing for it (even a picture frame would do). Connect that monitor to your computer with the Imagineering software installed. Using a microphone, you can talk to trick or treaters via an animated avatar. The effect is astounding. Check out the video below to see the Magic Mirror in action.

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