Video: The Pumpkin PC Is One Scary Hack

What happens when you take some various PC parts, a pumpkin, and PCWorld Labs analysts, and bring them all together? Why, you get the Great Pumpkin PC! And it may very well be the craziest thing we've ever attempted.

To complete this hack, we carved and cleaned out a large pumpkin, inserted a small motherboard, some memory, a hard drive, a fan, and a power supply. We were a little unsure at first if the PC would even work--the inside of a large garden squash isn't exactly a hospitable place for PC components--but it booted and ran perfectly.

Check out the video below to see it in action:

In Video: The Great Pumpkin PC

And be sure to see our slideshow for more photos, and to learn how we went about assembling this oh-so-spooky PC.

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