World's Smallest Gaming Console: Novelty Gamers Love This Feat of Miniature Hardware

[Photo: Rossum]

Earlier this week, a hardware hacker going by Rossum posted descriptions and photos of the RBox, which is currently the World’s smallest gaming console. The itty bitty analog joystick (lower right in the above photo) on the top is powered by a lithium cell battery as is the mainboard on bottom, and the whole assembly is about the size of a Quarter.

The power button is the same as the fire button (keeping it small), and the video shows some nice 3D graphics for a CPU that’s as big as a thumbprint. Also the 8 bit stereo audio plays Coldplay in the demonstration video. The console is coded to power down after three minutes of inactivity and with a CR1632 battery you can get about four hours of continuous video-generation wonder.

A more in-depth description of the console building process can be found in this blog post from last June when Rossum unveiled the prototype, which required hookup to a big(ish) development board. And if it’s just four months from prototype to miniature working console, I look forward to a future where I could choose to play Grand Theft Auto on the world’s biggest TV with the World’s smallest (expanded) console. Get out your reading glasses, people.

[Rossum on Posterous via Hack a Day]

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