Conan Goes Off the Deep End in Viral Views 7!

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While we're all about the Halloween spirit here at the PCWorld (and by extension Viral Views), it doesn’t mean that we are going to ignore the happenings of the net in favor of some ghouls and goblins! The Internet keeps churning out awesome by the shovelful. So sit back, relax, dim the lights a little to set the mood, and get ready for this week’s Viral Views.

Conan Drives a Car off a cliff

Oh Coco, you know the internet loves you. Why do you insist on constantly trying to prove yourself to us? Sometimes you have to wonder if Conan has gone off the deep end.

Slender Man

With Halloween upon us once again, the creepy memes come out to play. The Slender Man is one of the better known ones, spreading terror and fear wherever he appears. Watch it!

Mad World iPhone

Need some depressing, gloomy music to go along with this dark holiday? Grab your iPhone and learn to play that and other songs to entertain your Halloween party guests.

Santa takes down a punk

Who says it’s too early for Christmas? When he’s not off delivering presents, he is kicking butt and taking names. Remember, he knows when you are bad or good so be good for goodness sake! Watch it!

Kermit Under Pressure

Still coming off the wave of awesome puppet videos from last week’s Viral Views, we found this little gem of a homeless man singing “Under Pressure”……sort of. It’s just something you have to see for yourself. Watch it!


While it may sound like a delicious noodle dish, Creepypasta is a collection of terrifying tales written by the darkest and most devilish minds on the Internet. Pull up a chair, turn off the lights, and lock your door. You won’t be getting any sleep tonight. Sorry. See it!

That’s it for this week. We hope you have a happy/fun/safe/mediocre Halloween. Be sure to check out our version of the pumpkin PC for some ideas on what to do with your old jack o lanterns.

We’re sorry if we scared you. Here is a kitty to make you feel better

See you in 7!

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