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Michael Jackson The Experience

Ubisoft wants to rock with you later this month, when it launches Michael Jackson: The Experience for the Wii. They also want to dress with you. Or dress you. Or maybe just give you a white sequined glove.

Remember Michael Jackson's zany wardrobe? The zippered red jacket? The black fedora? The flappy white t-shirt? The ladylike white glove stippled with bling decades before hip hop attire (and tawdry drug store impulse items) co-opted it?

Well now you can have one of those gloves, too. All you have to do is grab an early copy of Michael Jackson: The Experience. Ubisoft's bundling a handful for gloves with specially marked "day-one" copies of the game.

Why pay more for the game to get this costume piece? Because you won't. It's a freebie promotional item, meaning you get the limited edition glove gratis if you manage to snag an early copy.

"It's something that's never been available before, and we see it as an opportunity to have fun with the glove," Ubisoft's Tony Key, SVP sales and marketing, told IndustryGamers.

True story, I used to buy white ladies gloves and commit hours to stitching on rows of silver sequins (you know, before breaking out the cardboard to practice flares, windmills, and backspins to Ollie and Jerry's "Breakin'"). And let me tell you, it's a heck of a lot harder to get those things on properly than it looks.

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