What's Geekier Than Dissecting a Frog? Dissecting a Lego Frog

Serious LEGO enthusiast (and rather talented artist) Dave Kaleta showcased this very realistic Lego frog dissection on his Flickr stream on Sunday.

Kaleta built the frog for the 2010 MOC Olympics, a LEGO-building showcase event put on by MOCpages, and online community of LEGO artists. Kaleta's LEGO creation is complete with froggy internal organs and LEGO guts all pinned out on a white LEGO tray with a LEGO scalpel.

As my fellow Geek Techer Chris Brandrick says, "it's no secret that we here at Geek Tech are massive LEGO fans," and Kaleta's creation is too impressive (and geeky) to not share.

[via Make Online]

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