How HTML5 Will Help You Lose Weight

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The mission of LiveStrong.com is to provide tools and support for healthier living. And it's fulfilling that mission more effectively now that the site has been redesigned to take advantage of the new Web standards and capabilities supported by Internet Explorer 9.

For example, point IE9 at the site's Recipe Finder, which presents six recipe cards on a virtual cutting board. (Click the "Shuffle recipes" button at any time to get six new dishes. Or create an account to add your own recipes to the mix.) The cards present basic nutritional information for each dish, along with a link to the full recipe. You can also filter cards by diet: Low Carb, Lactose Intolerant, Gluten Free, Kosher, and so on.

Even cooler is MyPlate, which offers a way to track your caloric intake to help you achieve your weight goals. You begin by submitting some basic data about your current weight and where you'd like it to be, from which MyPlate calculates a daily calorie goal. The app then presents you with a simple form for keeping a diary of what you eat each day. For example, if you eat a turkey sandwich, begin typing "turkey" into the form, and then select "Turkey Sandwich" from the drop-down menu (which also lists serving size, calories, fat, carbs, protein, and fiber). The sandwich is logged in your history, and the calories consumed are deducted from your daily quota. In a similar way, you log your exercise and other activities using a Fitness form, which adds calories back to your quota. All your data is logged and stored in personalized day-to-day charts.

Because MyPlate is so fun and satisfying, you're much more likely to keep using it and thus to attain your goals. Sophisticated Web apps like this, made possible by new Web standards and IE9, not only make the Web more fun, they help you get healthier.

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