Doom 4 beta access included with Wolfenstein pre-orders


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When John Carmack left id Software last November, parent company Bethesda was quick to reassure us the studio was still actively developing games.

Well here it is: The next Doom game still exists. And not only does it exist, but it's so close to completion that Bethesda is apparently willing to sell you beta access.

Yes, word on the digital street today is that beta access to some Doom game will be included with each preorder copy of the upcoming reboot Wolfenstein: The New Order. I'd like to say Doom 4, but indeed Bethesda's FAQ on the subject lists no such number. It would be pretty insane if Bethesda were rebooting Doom again, considering that Doom 3 was already a reboot, but I digress.

Other than the promise of Doom Unspecified Number beta access as a preorder bonus, details are scant. What will the beta include? "We will be providing more information on the specific content of the beta test at a later time." When will it release? "The Doom beta won't begin until a later, yet-to-be-announced date." When will we know how long the beta lasts? "At a later time." Will there be a way to access the beta separate from these preorders? "We will be providing more information on additional beta tests, if any, at a later time."

See a pattern?

And to be honest, I'm still not wholly convinced Doom X will ever release. The game's been in development for over five years now, and the whole project's been scrapped and restarted at least once now. This seems more like a ploy to prop up sales of Wolfenstein.

If you just have to know—if the prospect of another Doom is so exciting you're willing to purchase a copy of Wolfenstein sight unseen—here's your chance.

Still, I'll be surprised on the day Doom Nukem Forever comes out—so surprised I'll eat my demon-infested hat.

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