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Oracle's lawsuit against SAP, alleging intellectual-property theft by SAP's former subsidiary TomorrowNow, went to trial this week, garnering daily headlines out of the U.S. District Court in Oakland, California. Otherwise, as is so often the case, security-related stories captured interest, and the U.S. midterm elections provoked questions about network neutrality's future, among other issues.

1. Oracle, SAP duel over damages in opening arguments and Oracle license would have cost SAP billions, Phillips says: SAP has admitted that TomorrowNow inappropriately downloaded Oracle materials at the heart of the lawsuit, so testimony has turned on how much the German company should be fined for those actions. Which takes us to our second entry for the week ...

2. Is Leo Apotheker on the lam?: Former SAP chief Leo Apotheker, who officially took over as Hewlett-Packard CEO Monday, is on Oracle's witness list, but he is apparently staying away from the U.S.

3. Researcher to release Web-based Android attack: It was only a matter of time before this sort of Android attack surfaced -- a researcher released code that can be used to attack older versions of the mobile-phone operating system via the Web.

4. Boucher, Fiorina and Whitman lose elections, Tea Party pushes GOP past Dems in social net use and With GOP gains, what next for net neutrality at FCC?: Tuesday's U.S. midterm elections brought sweeping changes to the House of Representatives -- if not to California -- and pushed to the forefront both the use of social networks by candidates and political parties, and questions about what will happen with network neutrality.

5. Oracle buys Art Technology Group for $1 billion: Oracle made news outside of the courtroom with another huge acquisition, scooping up e-commerce vendor Art Technology Group.

6. German Street View error lets iPhone users see hidden images: Google's latest Street View miscue occurred in Germany, where images of homes were clearly visible rather than blurred. Granted, only five homes in Oberstaufen were visible briefly before the images were blurred, but the incident indicates that the company has not yet got the kinks worked out of its Street View service, despite all of the problems the service has caused.

7. HP unfurls Instant-On initiative: Wasting no time under Apotheker's leadership, HP rolled out a companywide initiative aimed at taking the complexity out of IT and making the company more responsive to customers. Perhaps his "disappearance" is because he's out, you know, responding to customers?

8. 4G definition creates marketing free-for-all: Well, we've long suspected that some 4G claims were nothing more than marketing hype.

9. Google invites hackers to break in: Google expanded its bounty program, inviting researchers to sniff around in various of its applications, including YouTube, to look for vulnerabilities.

10. Black Hat promises new exploit techniques, Stuxnet insight: The Black Hat security conference kicks off Monday in Abu Dhabi -- its first time in the United Arab Emirates -- in what is sure to be a fascinating look at research into malware, exploits and other sources of computer mayhem.

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