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Gorillaz -- the popular cartoon/human "virtual hip-hop group" co-created by rocker Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett -- celebrated the release of their third album, Plastic Beach, by revamping Gorillaz.com. The site is still a deep resource for fans, providing a portal to the group's fan club, music videos, audio streams, concert tickets, tour diary, online games, branded paraphernalia, and other goodies. But there's an extra experience awaiting if you visit with Internet Explorer 9.

From the Gorillaz' home page, click through to "Murdoc's Reading Room" (or follow the Internet Explorer 9 link) and you'll find yourself ensconced in a club room hosted by the band's fictional leader/bassist and hard rock afficianado Murdoc Niccals. This virtual playroom exploits a slew of new features enabled by HTML5, such as native, high-quality video and audio, as well as animated graphics. When you arrive, the gracious Murdoc invites you to "peruse the collaborators' wall, read through the Plastic Beach story so far, and check out some HTML5 madness on my laptop over there -- and then clear off!"

On the collaborators' wall hang framed portraits depicting each of the band's real and virtual contributors over the years; zoom in, select a particular picture, and then click through for an ID and a link to more details. If you return to the club room and click on the coffee table tome next to Murdoc's laptop, a virtual book opens in an HTML5 container, allowing you to page back and forth through the fanciful tale of how Plastic Beach came to be made. Clicking on the laptop screen leads to a download link for the custom Gorillaz Windows 7 theme pack, complete with wallpapers and sounds.

While you're there, pin the Gorillaz site to your Windows 7 taskbar for a convenient jump list to the site's main sections, plus easy buttons for direct access to your member profile, for adding a page to your favorites, or for sharing it on social networks. As Murdoc would say, "I wasn't sure we could ramp this gig up another notch. But mmmmm... we did...."

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