Trends Are Bubbling Up

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Colorado-based OneRiot is an inventive, leading-edge advertising network for the "realtime social web," by which they mean Twitter, Facebook, mobile apps, and other platforms hooked into the flow of live conversation and news that is changing the texture of our daily lives.

Their fascinating Trending Ad Bubbles Web application pans the constant data flow through this web for the latest and hottest "social and conversational trends." Developed for OneRiot by Roundarch , Trending Ad Bubbles doesn't just list the topics du jour, it embodies them in bubbles whose size reflects each topic's volume of interest, as measured in tweets and posts and mentions. These bubbles bounce off each other in an HTML5 container that's built to simulate real-world collision physics.

This kind of simulation requires some intense programming and a potentially intense hit on your browser. But that proves no problem for Internet Explorer 9, which boasts a new, faster, hardware-accelerated engine for processing JavaScript, the language used to model the physics and bounce the bubbles. It was Explorer's new muscle, and its support for new Web standards, that inspired Trending Ad Bubbles in the first place.

But the site is about more than testing how much punishment your browser can take. The bubbles are little portals to active conversations on the social web. Click a bubble and the background fades, as a canvas opens up with a list of the most recent social network posts on that topic, complete with links to the originating site.

The chamber offers other interactive features. For example, you may drag any bubble/topic into one of two on-screen containers: to the left, a container for topics you'd like to follow; to the top right, a container for topics you want to remove from the display. And you can keep hitting the space bar to refresh the feed of topics, loading in a new set of bubbles. Staying on top of trends isn't often this fast or this easy.

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