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I think it’s fair to say that remote support technology has claimed its place at the core of today’s IT helpdesk. The combination of visual and verbal interaction sends customer satisfaction skyrocketing and, better yet, you avoid the lengthy telephone calls that are often plagued with imprecise explanations. Equally important is the fact that you’ll realize lower operating costs and improved productivity. All in all, remote support provides an easy way to increase support quality and lower costs. Assuming we all agree on what you’ve just read, I’d like to spend some time on the subject of SaaS-based remote support.

Everyone’s talking about Cloud Computing today and, for all practical purposes, SaaS solutions live in the cloud, so for this discussion let’s just assume they’re one in the same. While we all seem to have our own definitions of “The Cloud,” it seems that we can all at least agree on the key benefits. Let’s take for example the fact that Cloud Computing allows us to add new applications on the fly without investing in new infrastructure. In a nutshell, this shifts the burden of deployment, maintenance and support to the service provider, which allows users to get up and running with new tools much more quickly. This is a huge benefit but there are of course more things to consider.

I’d like to dedicate the next few blog entries to this topic. But before I give you my top reasons for why SaaS is the optimal model for remote software, I’d like to know yours. What are your top reasons for choosing SaaS?

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