Insanely Priced Gifts for the Extravagant

Diamond-encrusted smartphones, virtual butlers, and sound systems to die for. Kanye West probably has most of these electronics already, but if not, here are our suggestions for what to get him for the holidays.

Gifts You'll Probably Never Buy

If you just happen to run across a few thousand dollars (or a few million, in one case) and love technology, this is definitely where you should be looking for gift ideas. From a virtual butler to diamond-encrusted phones, these tech gifts are sure to make you hungry for a taste of the rich life.

Virtual Butler

The Virtual Butler is an upscale computer server that connects to all your home's electronics, including security cameras, garage doors, and even your Jacuzzi. The $20,000 unit alerts you when any changes--such as arriving guests or departing cars--occur. The Butler appears through a special mirror and uses your home's speakers to make his (or it's) voice heard.

Mnemosyne USB

Named after the Greek goddess of memory (Mnemosyne), the Mnemosyne USB is actually a $10,000 USB flash drive. You have to dismantle this puzzle box to get at the memory unit inside, although under the buffed aluminum exterior, it's just 16GB of standard flash memory.

Lantic Systems Remote Control for Yachts

If you're actually superaffluent and shopping seriously as you read this, you probably own a yacht. And in that case, you can probably afford an awesome control system. Lantic Systems offers such a system with a remote alone, clad in gold, that costs roughly $55,000. Just don't drop it overboard.

Optimus Maximus

This simple-looking keyboard actually has tiny OLED displays on each key. That enables each key to essentially display and function as whatever you want, from Chinese characters to your current e-mail inbox count. At about $2400, it's one of the more useful items aimed at big spenders.

The Chairman

The Chairman represents a new breed of luxury smartphones offering "watch DNA" (watchmaker Ulysse Nardin is a designer of the device), plus a fingerprint reader, a touchscreen, physical numeric keys, and a slew of other features. The phone even includes a kinetic power system. Pricing varies but is around $13,000 to $15,000.

Diamond iPhone 4

This iPhone 4 has more than 400 diamonds on the bezel alone, with an additional 53 on the back and more around the home button. It also includes a 7.4-carat single-cut diamond as the button. At a little over $8 million, this is apparently the world's most expensive phone.

Ultimate Ears 18 Pro

These headphones may not look like all that much, but they are crafted for each unique buyer and cost over $1300. Designed for musicians and audiophiles, they include a unique five-speaker system that provides much higher sound quality than your average in-ear headphones. The maker (Logitech) has less-expensive alternatives, but you lose some features such as the custom fit.

The Force

The Force loudspeaker system involves over 200 hours of construction time and uses proprietary glass designed especially for speaker housings. With six speakers total--two towers and four glass-encased subwoofers--some say The Force is worth its $277,000 price tag. You have to special-order the system, and pricing varies, so if you want one for the holidays, you'd better hurry.

Transcend SPPX

The Transcend ski goggles are not your ordinary goggles. Coming in two versions ($499 and $399), they include a heads-up display as well as real-time information and statistics such as speed and vertical clearance, plus the timing of your runs. You can even review past stats while riding the lift on the way up the mountain.

The Prodigy

The Prodigy bed costs $2200 for a dual king-size mattress that does even more than you might need. You can wake up to a massage and even kill a partner's snoring by adjusting their position while they sleep. This power bed also features a sleep timer to adjust the bed as you sleep, and you can control all the functions mentioned here with an iPhone or iPod app.

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