Call of Duty Black Ops Sinks Modern Warfare 2's Sales Record

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Call of Duty Black Ops

Forget what you've heard about Call of Duty Black Ops' PC bugs and Cuba-baiting for a moment. Publisher Activision Blizzard just tapped the wire to brag that their latest first-person shooter has officially put the screws to Modern Warfare 2's first-day sales figures, outselling its record-breaking predecessor by a record-shattering 16 percent.

So much for fears the franchise's success rose and fell on Infinity Ward's watch. Developed by Activision series alternate Treyarch, Black Ops pulled in $360 million in North American and UK sales during its first 24 hours.

Now the real trials and tribulations begin, in the wake of unexpected (and unexpectedly broad) complaints about game-snapping bugs, singled out in the PC version.

Our own unscientific polls suggest considerable disparity between user opinions about the game. One poll asking what users thought of the game "so far" resulted in 51% of 2,051 responding "love it unabashedly," while 15% responded "love it, but ready for something riskier," and 21% picked "it's okay, but I've played better." Only 9% selected "bored now."

A second poll asking if users were having problems with the game saw 68% of 2,193 respondents click "yes" and cite the PC version, while just 16% said the game was working without issue.

All this should make for plenty of armchair quarterbacking, after Infinity Ward public relations flak Robert Taylor Bowling excoriated Activision producer Noah Heller for implicitly sniping Infinity Ward's series contributions at Call of Duty 5's debut.

A Tale of Two Studios? All we're missing's the romantic love interest.

One thing Infinity Ward can argue pretty convincingly is that without Modern Warfare 2, no $360 million in 24 hours for Black Ops. Still, an astonishing feat if you're a bean counter.

Sorry Modern Warfare 2, your FAMAS 5.56mm NATO rounds ran out long before your legend ever did.

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