Yahoo ditches Facebook and Google logins for its own ID

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Yahoo isn’t messing around. Desperate to regain its former glory as an Internet giant, the company is putting the kibosh on Google and Facebook logins for its various services. The end is already nigh: Fans gearing up for March Madness with Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’Em will have to sign in using a Yahoo ID to make their picks.

The change soon spread to the rest of Yahoo’s Fantasy Sports sites, then Flickr. Soon you’ll have to have a Yahoo ID to use any of Yahoo’s services. A Yahoo spokesperson told Reuters that eventually Facebook and Google’s sign-in buttons will be removed from all Yahoo properties, but couldn’t specify when that will happen.

flickr login

Flickr users, prepare to switch to a Yahoo ID to log in to your account.

What that means for users: If you want to stay in Yahoo’s world, you’re gonna have to register for a Yahoo account. It’s unclear how many people use their Facebook or Google accounts to sign into Yahoo services, but those people will probably be really irritated about the change.

Yahoo first began allowing third-party logins on its sites in January 2011, when the company’s priorities were entirely different than they are today. The Yahoo of 2011 didn’t seem to care much that Google and Facebook were eating its lunch. At the time, Yahoo’s Andy Wu said that the company believes “users should have a say in how they identify themselves online. Opening choice in user identification and authentication translates into richer, more flexible experiences on Yahoo and across the open Web.”

That was then, this is now. The Yahoo of 2014 wants not only to compete with Google and Facebook, but return to its position as your front page of the Internet. A move back to the Yahoo ID as the sole login for the company’s variety of services also enables the company “to offer the best personalized experience for everyone,” a Yahoo spokesperson told CNET. When you sign in with Google and Facebook, Yahoo doesn’t really know all that much about you. It also can’t follow you around the Internet if you stay logged into your Google and Facebook accounts.

With a Yahoo ID, the company can track your activity, offer better recommendations, and make a more compelling case to advertisers. Without a Yahoo ID, the company is relinquishing valuable data to its competitors, which is no way for a modern-day Internet giant to behave.

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