Held Hostage by Service Calls

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The survey asked consumers if they would be interested in receiving a text alert one hour before the technician was due to arrive, allowing them to go home from work to meet the tech rather than waiting around for half the day at home. Fifty-four percent said a service like this would improve their overall satisfaction with the service and their opinion of the company providing the service.

I have found that simply asking -- when I set up the delivery or service -- will usually get me a phone call from the technician within a reasonable time frame before the appointment. But I concur that rather than hoping the technicians are agreeable, the system could stand a technology update to tighter scheduling and more information sharing with customers.

I know that when I make an appointment with someone, I show up on time and keep the meeting to an agreed-upon length. If my intentions are thwarted, I call to say I'll be late. If service technicians can't manage that for some reason, I'd prefer GPS tracking on my technician. That way, I could log on and see where he is -- perhaps with a time estimate of how long he will be there -- and decide if I can answer a call as it comes in, join a phone conference, or take the dog for a walk. Then again, I suppose a text message saying the tech is an hour away would be an improvement over waiting around all day.

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This story, "Held hostage by service calls," was originally published at InfoWorld.com. Read more of Christina Tynan-Wood's Gripe Line blog at InfoWorld.com.

This story, "Held Hostage by Service Calls" was originally published by InfoWorld.

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