7 Crazy iPad Accessories

Here's a selection of the weird and wonderful -- or mostly just weird -- add-ons for Apple's tablet.

Do You Love Your iPad Too Much?

How much do you love your iPad? Perhaps too much, if the accessories shown here cause your eyes to light up and your credit card to whip out. The good news: Outside a bunch of fake accessories like the iCade and iDrift lurking on Web humor pages, there are not as many crazy iPad accessories as you might expect, so there's still opportunity for any mad-scientist readers out there to fill the gap!

But as the next slides show, in rough order from least to most crazy, there are still some nutty things you get for an iPad.

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iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter and Apple Component AV Cable

It doesn't sound crazy to want to display video or presentations -- or simply the screen so that you can use a wireless keyboard and a monitor with your iPad as you would with a laptop. What's crazy is that Apple has blocked most apps from sending out video. It makes sense for some content, given that Steve Jobs is also the largest shareholder of Disney stock: The iPad won't play movies and TV shows downloaded from iTunes because it's licensed only for device-screen display. But the fact that Apple's Keynote can show slideshows but competing apps like Quickoffice and Documents to Go can't -- that's crazy control freakishness. Until any app except those showing rights-managed content are allowed to output their screens via these two video connectors ($29 and $49, respectively), save your money.

Foldable Solar Charger

It's great to be green, which is why QuickerTek sells a $300 (!) fold-out solar panel that connects to and charges the iPad. It's a great idea, except if you don't mind lugging it around, the iPad screen is unreadable even in muted daylight, so you won't take advantage of the solar panel to power the iPad for use outside. And leaving the iPad in the grass or on a bench while it charges (which can take hours) -- that's crazy, too.

Custom iPad Suit

Mohan's Tailors in New York City will tailor a suit for you with an extra-large pocket that can hold an iPad, for about $600. Maybe just carry it in your hand or briefcase. Otherwise, that really big pocket might raise some embarrassing questions.

Elite Home Theater Seating iPad Chair

The iPad is a great video viewer in bed or on the go, so why not make it your personal home theater as well? That's the idea behind this plush leather chair, complete with iPad stand. Prices start at $2,499, so everyone in your family can have one. Well, probably not. I'd go for a nice big-screen LED display and a nice couch instead. After all, you can watch your iPad on your own on the couch if you're so inclined.

Hollandia i-Con bed

If you take your iPad to bed, you should be sleeping on the adjustable i-Con bed, which has two integrated iPod docks in the headboard and a 25-watt sound system. Prices start at $20,000. The "con" in i-Con is right: How are you supposed to watch video on the iPad when it's behind your head?

Volkswagen 2010 Polo

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this award-winning car's glove compartment has a secret bottom compartment that fits the iPad perfectly, so it's secure and out of the way when your passenger is not using it to navigate or look up stuff. If you're in the market for a new car and your iPad is always with you, this crazy accessory may not be so crazy after all.

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