Hungry? IBM's Watson can help cook

Watson has gotten off the Jeopardy stage and into the kitchen. IBM’s supercomputer is at this week’s South by Southwest show in Austin, Texas, where it’s helping chefs come up with unique, personalized recipes.

As we’ll see in this video report, Watson has been trained on 35,000 different recipes, as if it digested an entire cookbook. That’s allowed the supercomputer to learn a lot about different cuisines and the ingredients that are often used in the cuisines, including which ingredients are paired together and what it takes to make a particular dish.

It's goodbye, Jeopardy, hello food truck for IBM’s Watson supercomputer.

Chemoinformatics turns flavors into molecular formulas; Watson is then able to pair formulas together to make a dish pleasing to the human pallet. Throughout the week, Twitter users can vote on which ingredients they want to be paired. Attendees at the convention then sample the results.

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