Multi-GPU problems, loss of progress plague Titanfall launch

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If you've struggled to play Respawn Entertainment's latest game, Titanfall, with a multi-GPU setup, you're not alone. 

The developer revealed late Tuesday that players were having difficulty making the game work on PCs that used multi-GPU setups—not all that uncommon for fans of the latest, graphically-intensive first-person shooters. The issue should be fixed, eventually, Respawn said in a tweet.

But that's almost the least of the company's issues. Swamped by the popularity of the game, Respawn has struggled to keep its servers up and gamers happy.  In PCWorld's first impressions of Titanfall, Hayden Dingman noted constant server errors. The outages led to significant downtime for the first few hours of the game, prompting some to tag the issue with a "Titanfail" hashtag.

"And let's talk about the issues I encountered on the PC—namely, tons of server errors. I got into the game prior to retail release and was already hitting dreaded 'Retrying server connection' errors mid-match," Dingman wrote. "And not just once in a while, but every fifteen to twenty seconds. Everyone would freeze in place, my screen would gray out as the game attempted to reconnect, and then we'd all lurch forward again. On multiple occasions I died."

PCWorld will issue its review after the server issues have been fixed.

Other server errors were finally resolved early Wednesday, as Respawn confirmed that it had solved the issue of simply connecting users to "matchmaking" servers. However, there's some more bad news: "If you were online within matches on 3/12/14 between 1:00AM PDT – 5:00AM PDT, you may have lost some of your game progression and find that you’re not the same level in-game as you were before," Electronic Arts said in a blog post. "Unfortunately, this save data will not be recoverable."

So far, Respawn has pursued a staggered launch, with plans to bring the game to the older Xbox 360 platform on March 25 in the USA and March 28 in Europe. That's probably a good strategy, given the continued problems plaguing the Titanfall rollout.

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