Apple's new Sharing Selfies section signals impending apocalypse

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First Oxford Dictionaries legitimized the selfie by declaring it the Word of the Year for 2013. Then Ellen DeGeneres broke Twitter with a star-studded selfie at this year’s Oscars. Now Apple’s gone and created a whole new “Sharing Selfies” section in the App Store. The selfie’s domination is complete.

apple selfies

Apple's new App Store section highlights a sampling of selfie apps.

Are there really enough selfie-taking apps to justify a whole Sharing Selfies section? Apparently so. Some are solely devoted to taking photos of your face, like Picr and Front Flash, while others, like Snapchat, have a variety of features that go beyond selfies. Strangely enough, Instagram doesn’t make an appearance in the Selfies section, though I see a disturbing amount of selfies on the Facebook-owned photo-sharing network. Justin Bieber’s selfie app Shots did make the cut, however. What a relief.

If you’re anything like me, you might be wondering why there are so many apps devoted to improving the image quality of selfies and helping you share photos of your pouting duck face while there are so few apps that elevate the human condition and make life better. We may never know. But Apple’s endorsement of selfies sends a clear message to developers: Keep building apps that make good use of that front-facing camera and you too can land a coveted featured spot in the App Store.

Apple is highlighting Sharing Selfies in the Featured tab when you open the desktop and mobile versions of the App Store, but selfies don’t have their own category—yet. Apps that are featured in the new section still fall under Social Networking. The social category’s sections also point out crowdsourcing apps like Jelly and check-in apps like Foursquare.

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