Find the 'Missing' Hotfix Link in the December, 2010, Issue

You know the posts I write here every day? Each month, a handful of them get culled for the print edition of PC World. And in the December, 2010, issue, on page 128, one of my tips ("Fix a Windows 7 System That Randomly Freezes") suffered a small but decidedly confusing editorial error.

Indeed, as reader Leonard puts it, "[Rick] says to click 'View and request hotfix downloads.' Where is he referring to? Since this problem affects my machine it would help to know what he is talking about."

Yes, I can see how the absence of an actual link would leave readers scratching their heads. So, without further delay, here's the link to the Microsoft hotfix for systems that randomly stop responding.

And in case you missed either the original post or the print edition, check out Fix a Windows 7 System That Randomly Freezes. I think it's proven useful for a lot of readers.

Sorry for the goof!

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