Catching Bugs

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Some sites demonstrate the power of HTML5 by pushing the limits of what a browser can do. Other sites, meanwhile, use HTML5 to craft one experience with a grace and simplicity that hasn't been possible before. These sites also give Internet Explorer 9 a chance to excel, because its smooth performance and stripped-down interface allow you to become fully immersed in the experience. And that's beautiful too.

A case in point is the game Jitterbugs, created by Cynergy Systems, a Washington D.C.-based developer of rich Internet applications. The charming setting is the Moulin Rouge in Paris, and the game challenges you to draw lassos around groups of fast-moving yellow and purple moths. It's surprisingly difficult to draw a complete lasso around two or more bugs of the same color before they fly away. When you manage to lasso a group of two or more, they're captured. If you capture all the moths in 60 seconds, you win the round and move up to the next level, which adds more bugs. Capturing at least one group will cue in a hummingbird jazz combo. Meanwhile, an audience chimes in with boos or cheers at the end of each level, depending on your performance.

All of this happens right in your browser window without requiring a single plug-in. To render complex graphics on screen, and have those shapes interact intelligently with moving images, and to coordinate it all with gaming logic and a synchronized soundtrack, is an amazing advance in Web programming power. And sometimes power is best expressed in simple fun.

This story, "Catching Bugs" was originally published by BrandPost.