The Beatles Are on iTunes, So Who’s Next?

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Kid Rock

Another anti-singles crusader, Kid Rock refuses to let his music show up on iTunes. But it's not just about single-song downloads, Kid Rock also believes that artists aren't properly compensated by iTunes for music sales, the BBC reported in 2008. More perplexing is the fact that Kid Rock doesn't mind if people download his music illegally. "I don't mind people stealing my music, that's fine," the rock star said.

But Kid Rock believes he will probably have to cave in to Apple at some point. "I will be on iTunes eventually because I can't avoid it, but I like to always stick to my guns and prove a point." You can find Kid Rock albums right now on other digital music stores including Amazon.

Def Leppard

Courtesy of Classic Rock Magazine.

Def Leppard was available at one point on Apple's digital music store, but the band has since pulled its content from iTunes. The legendary 80's rock band produced 10 albums including 1983's Hysteria and 1987's Pyromania that included hits such as Pour Some Sugar On Me, Love Bites and Rock of Ages.

It's not clear why Def Leppard isn't on iTunes, but don't lose hope just yet Leppard fans as the band may be back on iTunes fairly soon. This is Def Leppard's 30th anniversary, and the band plans to celebrate by releasing its music on iTunes, Leppard members Joe Elliott and Rick Savage told U.K.-based newspaper The Star in April.

But with less than two months to go until 2011 it's not clear if Leppard's music will make it onto iTunes before the end of the year.

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